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In South-Africa, the world-class singer-songwriter Nianell is known as the vivacious, fiery-haired and angel-tongued majestic mistress of music. With her immaculate voice, she dazzles with ease among four octaves. She is a vocal gymnast, her music original and exciting. Elements of Folk, Pop, R&B, Country, Classic and even Celtic music are all fused into her own unique style.

Nianell was born in Omaruru, a tiny Namibian town, between Windhoek and Swakopmund. She matriculated in Windhoek and majored in light music at Pretoria Technikon, earning a 3 year diploma. She has also studied classical music through London’s Trinity College and Unisa.

Her prodigious talent has already been appreciated and celebrated in the international arena of entertainment. Her composition “Who painted the moon?” was covered by the international star, Hayley Westernra on her album, “Pure”. This album sold in excess of 2 million copies and Nianell’s song featured as a single on this album. Nianell has also performed on the same bill with artist such as Christina Aguilera, Westlife and Diana Ross at the Unite the Stars event held in South Africa.

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In 2010 Nianell performed with the legendary Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli at the Celebrate Africa event held during the FIFA World Cup hosted in South Africa. Nianell also performed at the finals of the FIFA World Cup, which was televised worldwide, sharing the stage with artist like Shakira and Freshly Ground.

Nianell aims to achieve worldwide distribution of her albums and took the first step in 2008 by releasing a compilation album in Singapore and Indonesia. Several of her songs are play-listed on radio stations beyond our shores and locally.

Nianell’s albums: “Who painted the moon”, “Angel Tongue” and “Life’s gift” all achieved platinum status, “I know I’m lucky” achieved Gold status. In 2010 Nianell’s latest album already achieved gold status and continues to climb in numbers..

The Awards: Best English Contemporary album SAMA | Best Female songwriter for “We’ll find a way”. SAMA | Best Female artist – Vonk Rapport awards 2009 | Best DVD Dozi & Nianell – Vonk Rapport awards 2010 | Best Female artist –Vonk Rapport awards 2010

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Impressive achievements includes the release of Nianell`s first DVD, recorded live at the Emperor’s Palace in Johannesburg. This top production shows off her talent with the support of a full band and small orchestra and achieved Gold status.

In 2007 Nianell was blessed with triplets, three beautiful bouncy little girls who are already the inspiration for new and more songs.

Nianell is richly endowed with the perfect set of attributes, required for soaring success. She captivates and fascinates her audiences as her voice becomes a mighty instrument during every performance. Her repertoire is amazing, backed by the ability to accompany herself on piano and acoustic guitar. She has a great sense of humour which contributes to enjoyable entertainment.

Nianell`s incredible musical talent, combined with inner wisdom and passion, ensures her audiences of a journey beyond imagination. She sees life as a gift. Her positive energy motivates people to explore themselves and reach for their utmost and sometimes hidden abilities. Nianell understands diversity.

When you listen to “Angel Tongue”, her own musical language, you understand why words are sometimes unnecessary and how every soul can interpret the melody according to its own needs.





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