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The SoapGirls are pop. They are dance. They are two super-sassy girls with linked minds and souls, and the voice of a new sound soaring from Africa's southern shores across the globe. The SoapGirls are Camille (19) and Noemie (17), two French African blonde bombshells who prove that sisters can do it for themselves, as they stamp their fresh and unique identity on a world that's tired of video clichés and pre-fabricated pop. The girls are born performers who've been creating their own spotlight since they could barely walk - singing, dancing, twin-talking and bringing light with their infectious energy.

The SoapGirls got given their quirky name by doing something that sets them apart in a world of too much talk and too little action - making a positive difference in the lives of those around them. Flashback to their hometown of Hout Bay, the so-called "independent republic" nestling far south of South Africa's Cape Town peninsula. The girls are dressed in identical outfits - they always do this, and have done so since they were kids. They're at the harbour, with their unique matching outfits, and carrying baskets filled with soap they've handmade to sell. They do this to donate the profits to the homeless and needy, to abandoned animal shelters and other charities.

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Still in flashback, Camille and Noemie sing and dance, and a crowd gathers around. They meet travellers from around the world who are captivated by these two fabulous creatures. They get fan-mail that spills over from one scrapbook to the next, and learn to speak a bit of sixty-four different languages, in addition to their home languages of English and French. All the while, their true destiny - creating a fresh new take on global dance pop - draws ever nearer. That destiny is now - The SoapGirls have truly arrived.



Soap Girls

The Soap Girls

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